Physical Wellness

Physical Domain

We are a physical being that could encounter stewardship challenges. Do you feel like you need super natural strength to eat right, exercise and take care of yourself the best you can? You are not alone. To Transform and Overcome you need guidance from the Holy Spirit and ability to walk though your challenge with the Prayer Square. Join us and we will share that wisdom with you.
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Remove Curse. Receive Blessing

Uncommon Provision

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    Chapter 3 Physical Domain

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    • Intro to the Physical Domain
    • Declare Optimum Health
    • Key to Consider & Learning Point
    • The Bible Story
    • Revelation in a Bible Story
    • Revelation in the Holy Spirit
    • Reflection in Your Own Life
    • Eternal View of Your Life
    • Prayer Square for Physical Health
    • Make Your Prayer Request
    • Diving Deeper
    • Transformational Story