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Dr. Dean


Dr. Dean Foster has saved lives with a surgeons scalpel, survived cancer and inspired others through the e-learning industry. He is a medical graduate from USC and served the community as a board certified orthopedic surgeon. Upon retirement he traveled on missions sharing his love for Jesus and Wellness Education. After battling his own diagnosis of prostate cancer he developed a mission to research and stomp out cancer! Married to a beauty professional he created an e-learning program for the beauty industry to recognize early signs of skin cancer. Eyes on Cancer continues to certify stylists to save lives. His vision is empowering others to transform their lives and overcome challenges with the help of the Holy Spirit. Uncommon PROvision is an e-learning Christian program for every area of life, providing tools and a plan to survive and thrive in this life while training to become a citizen of heaven.

Jeanne Foster

Vice President

Jeanne Braa/Foster a hairdresser met Paul Mitchell and became his stage partner at the launch of Paul Mitchell Products. They worked together 9 years until he lost his battle with cancer in 1989. Jeanne was an artistic director, board member, stockholder, and a distributor for JPMS in Southern California & Baja. In 2000 Jeanne sold everything and with a heart for Jesus made a lifestyle change. She and Dr. Dean Foster, a medical missionary met, married and continued missionary work. When Dean received a diagnosis of prostate cancer their world was rocked! Through prayer, care and research he is now a survivor. They founded Eyes On Cancer an education program to train beauty and wellness professionals to spot skin cancer incorporated into SkyMD. Uncommon Provision launched in 2018 and is an educational program to give an internal, external and eternal view of life. Dr. Dean and Jeanne love sharing the joy of the gospel and life experiences in this program

Amber Dassow

Chief Operating Officer

Amber Dassow believes in lifting spirits through knowledge. She is a graduate of FIDM and SDSU with multiple degrees in business including marketing, information systems, and business administration. She enjoys sharing her personal story as a person who has overcome many obstacles in life to achieve her own dreams through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ! Amber is always looking for ways to improve her attitude in order to motivate others. As she developed this skill with 5 years in operations management. She has a passion and heart for teaching students about financial literacy, self-esteem, resume building, and continuing education. Amber is an entrepreneur by nature. She has been involved in many building business endeavors. She likes to encourage the youth to have an entrepreneurial spirit to keep them involved in growing their business skills.